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Can You Tell Which of These Things Were Named After People?
Which snack is named after a clergyman? Which nut is named after a politician? Find out if you can tell which words derive...
Cattle. Cow. Bovine. Livestock. Farm animals. Pregnant brown and white dairy cow.
Can You Match These Lesser-Known Paintings to Their Artists?
You may be able to distinguish a Van Gogh from a Cézanne in your sleep. But what about more contemporary artists? Take this...
New wing in the Tate Modern, London called the Switch House
Bad Words: 7 Banned Books Through Time
Some books have been banned for reasons that may surprise you.
The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. (Alice in Wonderland)
Robert Cummings
Robert Cummings, American actor who starred in motion pictures and television. Cummings studied at the Carnegie Institute...
Cummings, Robert
Ghosts: Fact or Fiction?
Eek, a ghost! Or is that a ghost bat? Or a word game? Test your knowledge of all kinds of ghosts with this true or false...
A child wearing a sheet for a Halloween ghost costume. Holiday Trick-or-treat
Don’t Drink the Punch Quiz
And by punch, we mean any fruit drink with nefarious intentions. Test your knowledge of all the doomsday prophets and cult...
Ufo, alien, space over trees.
Zenón de Somodevilla y Bengoechea marquis de la Ensenada
Zenón de Somodevilla y Bengoechea marquis de la Ensenada, Spanish statesman who, as prime minister from 1743 to 1754, pursued...
Ivan Illich
Ivan Illich, Austrian philosopher and Roman Catholic priest known for his radical polemics arguing that the benefits of many...
Ruth Draper
Ruth Draper, American monologuist and monodramatist whose art was acclaimed throughout the United States and Europe. Draper...
Ruth Draper
Otto Dix
Otto Dix, German painter and engraver who mixed compassion and Expressionist despair to create works harshly critical of...
“Parents of the Artist,” oil on canvas by Otto Dix, 1921; in the ?ffentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel, Switzerland
Paul Watson
Paul Watson, Canadian American environmental activist who founded (1977) the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an organization...
Paul Watson.
Napoleon I: Fact or Fiction?
You may think you know everything about Napoleon Bonaparte. But can you actually tell fact from fiction about this famous...
"Napoleon on the Battlefield", France. French Emporeror Napoleon Bonaparte.
Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?
Gobble gobble.
Thanksgiving Turkey with all the sides
The Black Death: Fact or Fiction?
Was the Black Death really spread by rats? Were the rich protected by shutting themselves away? Find out if you can tell...
Small, white rat (genus Rattus) on a glass table. (rodent, laboratory, experiment)
Romain Gary
Romain Gary, Lithuanian-born French novelist whose first work, L’éducation européenne (1945; Forest of Anger), won him immediate...
Quick Quiz: The Life and Crimes of Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid was one of the most infamous outlaws of the Wild West. But do you remember what exactly he was known for? Find...
October 13, 2015- Photo recently discovered in a Junk auction $2 which has been found to be of Billy the Kid and his crew The Regulators. It has since been authenticated and appraised for $5,000,000
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