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Question: In what year did the Western Roman Empire come to an end?
Answer: The original Roman Empire in western Europe came to an end in 476 CE, when the last emperor was removed from power.
Question: Which of these did the Romans not employ in battle?
Answer: The submarine was invented in the 18th century, long after the end of the Roman Empire.
Question: Who was a legendary founder of Rome?
Answer: Romulus and his twin Remus were the legendary founders of Rome.
Question: Which one of these was not implicated in the assassination of Julius Caesar?
Answer: Nero was a Roman emperor who lived about a hundred years after Julius Caesar’s time.
Question: When did Julius Caesar die?
Answer: Julius Caesar died on March 15, 44 BCE, at the forum of Rome.
Question: The ancient city of Rome was built on this many hills:
Answer: Rome, famously, was built on seven hills. The Capitoline, one of them, gives us the word "capitol."
Question: In ancient Roman cities, what was the marketplace and meeting area called?
Answer: The forum was the outside area used for public meetings and markets in ancient Roman cities.
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