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Question: rhubarb
Answer: Although used in desserts, rhubarb is technically a vegetable.
Question: squash
Answer: Squash, a fruit, grows from a flower and develops seeds.
Question: potato
Answer: Potatoes are vegetables, the roots of a plant.
Question: lettuce
Answer: Leaves of lettuce are vegetables.
Question: cauliflower
Answer: Cauliflower is a bud, technically a vegetable.
Question: cucumber
Answer: Cucumbers contain the seeds and are considered fruits.
Question: olives
Answer: Olives are the fruit of the olive tree.
Question: carrots
Answer: Carrots are roots, and thus vegetables.
Question: peapods
Answer: Peapods carry pea seeds, and are fruits.
Question: tomato
Answer: Botanically speaking, the tomato is a fruit.
Legume. Pea. Pisum sativum. Peapod. Pod. Open peapod showing peas.

This or That? Fruit vs. Vegetable

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This or That? Fruit vs. Vegetable
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